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About is an informational website about big lizard pet care. We collect and provide information from different sources across the web on how to keep and care for reptiles as pets.

The species we mainly deal with are tegus, monitor lizards, iguanas, skinks and uromastyx.

Our aim is to provide high quality information to help pet owners make better, more informed decisions about their animal’s diets, health and life.


Please note that we do not provide expert scientific or medical advice and you should always double check any information with your vet. Every individual animal is different and what may be recommended here may not work for your pet. We are not responsible for any harm or damage you or your pets may experience as a result of following any information you read on this website. If you find that any of the information is inaccurate, wrong or misleading please get in touch with us explaining the situation in detail.

Some articles on this website may contain affiliate links to external websites including Amazon. As part of the Amazon associate programme, we may earn a commission for eligible product sales. This does not affect your customer experience in any way and it does not come at any extra cost. All of the products we promote are the result of extensive research and we aim at promoting the healthiest, most high-quality options in the market. Commissions help us maintain the website and keep doing our best work. logo