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Can iguanas eat cucumber?

Yes, iguanas can eat cucumbers as they are herbivores who strictly feed on plants and vegetables. Cucumbers are not unhealthy, but they contain mostly water (around 96%) and a little fiber, so they are not the most highly nutritious food out there for your lizard. Still, you can feed it as part of a varied diet that includes other more nutrient-packed greens such as collard, beet, mustard and turnip greens, kale, bok choy, alfalfa, escarole, dandelions and parsley, as well as smaller amounts of fruits and vegetables.

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Feeding cucumber to iguanas

  • Feed raw cucumber cut into pieces, unseasoned and with the peel on. The peelings actually contains most of the fiber and nutrients while the flesh is mostly water.
  • Because cucumber is very poor in nutrients, it is best to only feed it sporadically. It should not be a staple in an iguana’s diet.

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