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Can Savannah monitors eat eggs?

Savannah monitors can eat eggs. Chicken and quail eggs, whether raw, cooked, with, or without shells, are all safe for Savannah monitors to consume.

In the wild, monitor lizards regurarly prey on bird eggs and have also been observed feeding on eggs laid by other lizards and reptiles.

Savannah monitor and eggs
Savannah monitor vs eggs

Because eggs are a great source of protein and their shells primarily made of calcium, it is better to feed them whole.

Ideally you can to soft-boil the egg for a few minutes to keep the yolks runny, and then serve it to your Savannah monitor.

It is best not to feed eggs to Savannah monitors every day. In excessive quantities, eggs (especially raw eggs) might cause health issues.

This is due to the enzyme avidin that they contain, which may interfere with your lizard’s ability to absorb biotin (vitamin B7), resulting in skin issues and shedding problems.

Eggs are otherwise very nutritious and healthy for your monitor, so moderation is key.

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