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Can Blue-Tongued Skinks eat eggs?

Skink and Eggs
Blue-tongued Skink vs Egg

Blue tongue skinks can eat eggs. It is generally considered safe to feed blue tongued-skinks chicken and quail eggs, whether raw, cooked, with or without shell.

In the wild, skink lizards naturally feed on birds and other reptiles eggs. Eggs are a good source of protein and their shells are pretty much just made of calcium, so it is best to feed those as well. 

The best way to feed egg to your blue tongue skink is to soft-boil the egg for a few minutes as to keep the yolk runny, and then let the skink eat it together with the shell.

Feeding eggs to your skink

You can feed eggs to blue-tongued skink in moderation every couple of weeks or so. Whether raw or cooked, whole or scrambled, chicken or quail – it does not matter.

Eggs are an excellent addition to your pet skink’s diet in every form, and they make for a great source of quality protein and potentially calcium (make sure to feet the shells). Salmonella is not a concern and neither is avidin as long as you don’t over feed.


Are cooked or raw eggs better for skin?

You can feed both cooked and raw eggs to your skink. Raw eggs are more nutritious but they can cause problems in very high amounts because of the precence of avidin which may hinder vitamin B7 absorption. Cooked eggs on the other hand are less nutritious but do not contain avidin.

Can blue-tongued skinks eat egg shells?

You can feed your skink whole eggs including shell. As a matter of fact, you should always offer eggs shell to your skink, they are a great source of calcium.

Can blue-tongued skinks eat scrambled eggs?

Yes, blue tongue skinks love scrambled eggs. When serving make sure to mix the egg shells in as well as some veggies and calcium powder for boosted nutrition.

Can blue-tongued skinks eat quail eggs?

You can feed your skink quail eggs as well as chicken eggs, or any other kind of egg for the matter. In nature, blue tongue skinks prey on bird and other reptiles eggs regularly eating them whole.

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