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Can Tegus Eat Cucumbers?

Yes, tegus can safely consume cucumber, although these should not be fed regurarly.

This is because cucumbers are around 96% water with a little fiber, so they are not the most highly nutritious food out there for your lizard, but they are perfectly safe to eat.

Still, there are a lot of better options out there for your tegu and it is important to offer a varied diet that includes different types of fruits and vegetables as well as meat.

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Tegu vs Cucumber

If you are choosing to feed your tegu cucumber, do so sporadically and make sure to pick organic cucumbers that are free from pesticides and do not have a lot of seeds in them (if they do, remove the seeds before serving).

You do not need to peel cucumbers, but you may want to cut them into small pieces to riduce the risk of choking.

Feeding Cucumbers to Tegus

Here are the steps on how to feed cucumbers to your tegu safely and effectively:

  1. Wash the cucumber thoroughly. This will remove any dirt or pesticides that may be present on the surface. Rinse the cucumber under cold water for at least 30 seconds, and scrub it with a vegetable brush if necessary.
  2. Cut the cucumber into small pieces. This will make it easier for your tegu to eat and reduce the risk of choking. The size of the pieces should not exceed the width of your tegu’s head.
  3. Avoid seasoning the cucumber. Tegus do not need seasonings like salt, pepper, or garlic powder, as these can potentially upset their stomach and lead to digestive issues.
  4. Offer cucumbers as an occasional treat. Cucumbers are not highly nutritious and should not constitute the primary part of your tegu’s diet. A healthy tegu diet should encompass a variety of insects, vegetables, and fruits.
  5. Do not offer pickles to your tegu. Pickles are high in sodium, which can be detrimental to tegus. Sodium can lead to dehydration and other health problems in these reptiles.

Better Alternatives

Tegus should be fed a variety of vegetables to ensure they get access to all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals they need.

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