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Can tegus eat pineapple?

Can tegu eat pineapple
Tegu vs Pineapple

Yes, tegus can eat pineapple and it is okay to feed them different types of fruits as part of a balanced diet. Pineapples are filled with vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants which are a great addition for your reptile’s health.

As far as fruits go, pineapple is one of the healthiest choices for a tegu’s diet, together with other exotic fruits such as papaya, mango and dragon fruit. But because fruits are high in sugar, they should be fed sporadically while giving priority to meat and vegetables.

When feeding pineapple to tegu lizards, make sure you are feeding them fresh, raw pineapple cut into small pieces – avoid canned or dried fruits which contain added preservatives and can have even higher sugar content. It is okay to feed pineapple with the skin on as long as it is organic and free from pesticides.

Adult Argentine tegu should have no more than 10% of their diet consisting of fruit. Juvenile tegu lizards and adult Colombian tegus should only be fed fruits even more sporadically as they need a high-protein diet. Too high amounts of sugar-heavy fruit may lead to a number of health issues such as obesity.

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