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Can Tegu Lizards Eat Pork? (Bacon, Ham, Sausages)

Yes, tegus can eat any kind of meat, including pork.

That said, you should not feed pork meat to your tegu too often because it is high in fat and may lead to obesity.

Lean meats such as chicken or turkey are healthier and a more preferable choice for your pet’s diet.

Can tegu eat pork?
Tegu vs Pig

When feeding pork, poultry or any kind of meat to your tegu, it is best to serve it raw as not to denature any protein.

This means avoid feeding them bacon, ham or hot dogs, which are also usually processed and have too high amounts of salt.

If a tegu eats any of these very occasionally they will be unlikely to experience any negative effects, but feeding cured and processed pork products regularly will harm their health in the long term.

Can tegus eat bacon?

Bacon is a processed food which can have high amounts of fat and sodium, and in general you should avoid feeding it to your tegu.

Turkey bacon is technically healthier than pork bacon, but there is still not really any reason you would feed cured meat to your tegu.

Instead, opt for plain ground meat or raw steak, which are unprocessed and therefore healthier options.

Lean meats like chicken and turkey should be your first option.

Can tegus eat hot dogs?

Like bacon, regular hot dogs are heavily processed foods that should not belong to your tegu’s diet.

There is an exception, though, in the case of “hot dogs” made specifically for reptiles, such as Reptilinks.

These are not made of pork but rather whole prey, such aas insects, mice, quail, frog or rabbit, and are often mixed with eggs and veggies in order to make a complete meal.

Reptilinks are not only safe for your tegu but they actually provide a lot of nutrition and they are highly recommended as an alternative to feeding frozen whole prey.

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