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Do tegus eat snakes and other lizards?

Tegus are known to be opportunistic eaters, consuming a variety of prey items in the wild, including snakes and other small reptiles.

So yes, tegus can eat snakes, lizards and reptiles – but these are not a primary food source in their diet.

Tegus in the wild will primarily consume as small mammals, birds, insects, amphibians (frogs) and fruits.

Tegu and snake
Tegu vs Snake

Can you feed other lizards to a tegu?

Yes, you can feed your tegu feeder lizards such as Anoles and House Geckos.

You should however avoid feeding them reptiles you catch yourself, only purchase feeder lizards from reputable sources.

Feeder lizards are a healthy addition to a juvenile tegu’s diet because they count as whole prey and are small enough for them to consume.

Keep in mind however that you do not necessarily need to feed reptiles to a tegu and it is perfectly fine to stick to insects, mice, chicks and seafood as protein sources.

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Can tegus eat reptile eggs?

In addition to eating reptiles, tegus are very good at foraging for their eggs.

They will eat snake eggs as well as eggs from crocodiles and lizards, and bird eggs as well.

If you own both tegus and snakes, you can feed your tegu “slugs” (unfertilized snake eggs) as well as eggs from any other reptile, as long as they are appropriately sized for the tegu.

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