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Can tegus eat tomatoes?

Tegus can eat tomatoes, but they should be fed sporadically. Tomatoes contain vitamin C, A, antioxidants and fiber, so they are not poor in nutrients. Despite their health benefits, tomatoes are very acidic and somewhat high in oxalates, so they can cause problems in large quantities.

Tegu and tomatoes
Tegu vs tomatoes

Some things to keep in mind when feeding tomatoes to your tegu lizard:

  • Tomatoes have low calcium levels, which is essential for healthy bones and development. This means that feeding your tegu with too many tomatoes can lead to calcium deficiency which is not good for your pet.
  • Tomatoes have an undesirable ratio of calcium and phosphorous such that the existence of phosphorous in tomatoes prevents absorption of calcium in the body. This leads to calcium deficiency in your tegu or, in the most extreme cases, to metabolic bone disease.

Better alternatives

Bell peppers can provide tegu with vitamin C and all the benefits of tomatoes without being high in oxalates. All kinds of squash, radish, carrots and green beans can also be fed regularly. See: best vegetables for tegu lizards.

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