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Heim » Guberty alias Tegu Pubertät: Das “Schreckliche Zweier”

Guberty alias Tegu Pubertät: Das “Schreckliche Zweier”

If you’re a Tegu enthusiast or the proud owner of one of these charismatic reptiles, you may have come across the term “guberty” in your research or discussions. But what exactly is guberty?

Brunnen, guberty is the Tegu equivalent of puberty, a phase of crucial hormonal shifts in a Tegu’s brain and body.

Similar to human puberty, guberty is a time when your beloved Tegu can become moody, ill-tempered, and downright unpleasant to be around.

Brace yourself, because your once docile and affectionate pet might transform into a sassy little reptilian rebel.

Erwachsener Schwarzer & Weiße argentinische Tegu-Eidechse
Tegus become sexually mature at the age of 2, during which they go through a stage known as “guberty” (Teju Pubertät).

When Does Guberty Happen?

Tegus normally hit guberty at thee age of 18 zu 24 Monate. It’s during this period that these scaly adolescents embark on a journey of hormonal changes, transforming them from sweet little companions to cranky, independent individuals.

So, if you’ve noticed a sudden change in your Tegu’s behavior and temperament, chances are they are going through guberty.

Dealing with Guberty

Guberty can be a challenging time for Tegu owners, but fear not! There are strategies to navigate through this turbulent phase.

Zuallererst, patience is key. Understand that your Tegu’s mood swings are a natural part of their development.

Take a step back and give them space when needed, while also providing a consistent routine and environment to help them feel secure.

Während der Gubertät, some Tegus may become less tolerant of handling or interaction. It’s crucial to respect their boundaries and not force them into uncomfortable situations.

Gradually reintroduce handling and interaction, allowing them to regain trust at their own pace. Offer treats as positive reinforcement, and use gentle, slow movements to avoid triggering defensive behaviors.

Keeping your Tegu engaged and mentally stimulated is crucial during the guberty phase.

Enrichment activities not only provide entertainment but also help alleviate boredom and redirect their energy.

Consider providing puzzle toys, hiding treats for them to find, and introducing new and safe objects for exploration.

Environmental enrichment can help distract them from their hormonal changes and provide a healthy outlet for their natural instincts.

How long does tegu puberty last?

The specific duration of tegu puberty can vary among individual tegus. During tegu puberty, tegus undergo crucial hormonal shifts in their brain and body, which can lead to changes in behavior and physical development.

This phase can last for several months to a year and a half. Factors such as genetics, Umfeld, and overall health can influence the length of this developmental period.

Although guberty may present challenges, it’s essential to remember that it is a temporary phase in your Tegu’s life.

With time, patience, and understanding, they will gradually transition into adulthood, leaving behind their rebellious teenage tendencies. Embrace the journey and appreciate the unique personality that emerges during guberty.

Despite the occasional sassiness, your Tegu is still the same companion you’ve grown to love.

Erinnern, the sassy little rebel will eventually mature into a well-adjusted adult companion, making the journey all the more rewarding.

Cooler Retro-Tegu mit Sonnenbrille

Roter Tegu, der Wassermelone isst

Schwarz & weißer Tegu mit Fell

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