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Lagartos monitores en venta

Monitorear lagartos, scientifically known as Varanus, are a diverse group of lizards with about 80 recognized species. They are known for their long necks, powerful tails and claws, and well-developed limbs.

The most famous species of Monitor lizard is the Komodo Dragon, an endangered species from Indonesia that can grow up to 10 un pie de largo.

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Savannah Monitor for Sale
Monitor de sabana

Monitores de sabana (varano exantemático) are large, docile pet lizards from sub-Saharan Africa. They are not overly active creatures and can tolerate handling well.

Their diet is primarily insectivorous but they eat a variety of small prey including rodents and smaller lizards.

They need a large cage and strict environmental control. They are not beginner-friendly pets, but somewhat easy to tame compared to other Monitor lizards. Under the right care conditions and continuous handling, they can become quite tame and make a great companion.

Monitor de Timor en venta
Monitor de Timor

Timor Monitors (Varanus timorensis) are small, tree-dwelling lizards from Indonesia and East Timor.

They are very active creatures, fast movers, and require a tall cage for climbing. They eat insects and occasional small mammals or birds.

They can be shy and need places to hide in their cage. They are more difficult to tame than Savannah Monitors and require expert handling.

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