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Target Training a Tegu Lizard

Target Training for Tegu Lizards

Target training is a valuable technique for taming and training tegu lizards. It involves teaching the lizard to respond to a specific target, such as a brightly colored dowel rod or a clicker, and associating it with positive reinforcement.

Lizard with strongest bite

What Lizard Has The Strongest Bite Force?

In the realm of reptiles, the Tegu lizard stands out for its formidable bite force, relying on physical strength for hunting. Por otra parte, Dragones de komodo, with their venomous bite and substantial size, are known for taking down prey much larger than themselves.

Tegu lizard and coconut

Can Tegu Lizards Eat Coconut?

Tegu lizards are omnivores that can thrive on a diverse diet, which includes minimal quantities of fruit. Desafortunadamente, unlike other fruits, coconut has very high amounts of fat and should not be given to them too frequently. Despite its high-fat content, coconut can supply vital nutrients when given sparingly and as part of a well-rounded diet. Esta página contiene enlaces de afiliados. As Amazon associates we may earn a commission for… Lee mas »Can Tegu Lizards Eat Coconut?

Tegu with the flag of Florida

Are Tegus Legal in Florida?

As of 2022, it is illegal to keep Tegu lizards a pet in Florida. Tegu have become an invasive species and there are strict restrictions on the transportation, owning, selling and breeding of these animals in the state.

Tegus in Canada

Are Tegus Legal in Canada?

Good news for reptile enthusiasts in Canada: Tegu lizards are generally allowed pets. Unlike Monitor lizards which are banned in much of the country, Tegus are completely legal to own. This is because even though tegus are grow quite large as adults, they do not exceed the maximum size of 2 metres and unlike monitors, they are not venomous. All most common species of Tegus in the pet trade meet… Lee mas »Are Tegus Legal in Canada?

tegu argentino blanco y negro

La ley argentina: Un invitado no invitado en Florida

tegus argentino blanco y negro, nativo de américa del sur, Se han convertido en una especie invasora en Florida debido al comercio de mascotas.. Se están realizando esfuerzos para controlar su población en rápido crecimiento y proteger la vida silvestre nativa..

Paseando a una mascota tegu afuera en Florida

Legalidad de tener un Tegu en Florida en 2024

Florida ha prohibido los lagartos Tegu debido a su naturaleza invasiva y amenaza a los ecosistemas locales.. La industria del comercio de mascotas y los propietarios de Tegu enfrentan cambios significativos debido a estas nuevas regulaciones.