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Fake Plants for Bearded Dragon

Fake plants can be a great addition to a bearded dragon’s habitat. They add appeal, look like their natural habitat, serve as a shelter where your beardie can rest or hide, and they can perch and climb on specific plants.

We have a selection of faux plants for reptiles on offer through our affiliate partner

Desert Yucca Pick – Brown/Green

Mixed Onion Grass Bush – Mustard Green

Boston Fern Bush

Dracaena Bush

Variegated Agave Pick

Natural Touch Fan Aloe Succulent Plant

Spiky Succulent Plant

Zebra Onion Grass

Foxtail and Onion Grass

Mountain Fern Bush

Large Potted Fern Plant

Onion Grass

Twin Vine Garland

Prickly Pear Cactus

Large Cactus Plants

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