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Names for Bearded Dragons

Are you adopting a bearded dragon and looking for ideas on how to name your new pet? Have a look below for some inspiration, with our list of names suitable for any gender of bearded dragon.

We selected a few names inspired by the world of lizards, dragons, pop culture and mythology, or which we simply found to be especially suited or funny for a bearded dragon.

Below, a list of 100 unique name ideas for Bearded Dragons.

bearded dragon on gray rock
What are you gonna name your beardie?

Bearded Dragon Name Ideas

  1. ♂️ Spike: A classic name for a bearded dragon, referencing the spikes on their back.
  2. ♂️ Draco: A nod to dragons, and it has a nice ring to it.
  3. ♀️ Lizzy: A cute and simple name for a female bearded dragon.
  4. ♂️ Drogon: Inspired by one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons from Game of Thrones.
  5. ♂️ Puff: A reference to the famous dragon “Puff the Magic Dragon.”
  6. ♂️ Smaug: Named after the dragon from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit.
  7. ♂️ Rex: Short for “Tyrannosaurus rex” and a strong-sounding name.
  8. ♂️ Spikester: A playful twist on “spike” for a fun-loving dragon.
  9. ♂️ Kaiju: A nod to the giant monsters from Japanese cinema.
  10. ♂️ Falkor: The luckdragon from the movie The NeverEnding Story.
  11. ♂️ Charizard: Inspired by the fiery dragon Pokémon.
  12. ♂️ Gandalf: For fans of Lord of the Rings, Gandalf the Grey was a wizard who faced dragons.
  13. ♂️ Merlin: Another wizardly name, associated with mythical creatures.
  14. ♂️ Toothless: From the animated movie How to Train Your Dragon.
  15. ♀️ Khaleesi: If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, this is another strong dragon-inspired name.
  16. ♂️ Spikezilla: A playful mashup of “spike” and “Godzilla.”
  17. ♂️ Dino: Short for “dinosaur,” a cute name for a little dragon.
  18. Nessie: A cute reference to the Loch Ness Monster.
  19. ♀️ Pebbles: A sweet and gentle name for a bearded dragon.
  20. ♀️ Xena: Inspired by the warrior princess, Xena, from the TV show.
  21. ♂️ Ozzy: A cool and rock ‘n’ roll-inspired name.
  22. ♀️ Athena: Named after the Greek goddess of wisdom and war.
  23. Quill: For a dragon with a unique and spiky personality.
  24. Echo: A name that reflects your dragon’s ability to mimic sounds.
  25. ♀️ Nova: A name as bright and radiant as a star.
  26. Zephyr: Meaning “gentle breeze,” ideal for a calm and peaceful dragon.
  27. ♂️ Vulcan: For a fiery and powerful dragon, named after the Roman god of fire.
  28. Phoenix: Symbolizing rebirth and transformation.
  29. ♂️ Triton: Named after the Greek god of the sea.
  30. ♀️ Artemis: Inspired by the Greek goddess of the hunt and wilderness.
  31. Mystic: Perfect for a dragon with an enigmatic presence.
  32. ♀️ Aria: A name that captures the melody of a dragon’s movements.
  33. ♂️ Ajax: A strong and heroic name for a mighty dragon.
  34. Sorrel: Inspired by the reddish-brown color of some bearded dragons.
  35. Cosmo: Reflecting the vastness and mystery of the cosmos.
  36. ♀️ Luna: Named after the moon, for a dragon with a gentle spirit.
  37. ♂️ Thor: After the Norse god of thunder and lightning.
  38. ♀️ Aurora: Inspired by the beautiful natural light displays.
  39. Solstice: Reflecting the changing seasons, a unique name for a special dragon.
  40. Nebula: For a dragon with a cosmic and dreamy personality.
  41. ♂️ Hydra: Named after the mythical multi-headed serpent.
  42. ♀️ Isis: Inspired by the Egyptian goddess of magic and life.
  43. Oasis: For a calming and serene presence.
  44. ♀️ Willow: A graceful and nature-inspired name.
  45. Koda: Meaning “friend” in Native American, a friendly name for your dragon.
  46. Asteria: Named after the Greek goddess of falling stars.
  47. ♂️ Orion: After the prominent constellation in the night sky.
  48. ♀️ Seraphina: A beautiful and elegant name for a majestic dragon.
  49. Aether: Representing the essence of the upper sky and heavenly light.
  50. ♀️ Nova: A name as bright and radiant as a star.
  51. ♂️ Ryu: Named after the powerful and legendary dragon in Asian mythology.
  52. ♀️ Mulan: A tribute to the brave warrior from Chinese folklore.
  53. Yoshi: Inspired by the lovable dinosaur from the Mario series.
  54. Jinbei: A nod to the Japanese folklore dragon, Jinbei-sama.
  55. ♂️ Captain Hook: For a pirate bearded dragon. Arr!
  56. ♀️ Hanzo: Named after the dragon character in Overwatch.
  57. Banana: A sweet and fruity name for a friendly dragon.
  58. Shenron: Inspired by the wish-granting dragon in Dragon Ball.
  59. ♂️ Pirate Pete: Perfect for a dragon with a love for adventure.
  60. ♀️ Fa Mulan: A feminine twist on the legendary warrior’s name.
  61. Zelda: Inspired by the iconic video game series featuring dragons.
  62. Koi: Named after the beautiful and colorful Japanese fish.
  63. Lumina: A name that evokes the idea of radiant light and magic.
  64. ♂️ Samurai Jack: A unique name for a dragon with a warrior spirit.
  65. ♀️ She-Ra: Named after the powerful princess and warrior.
  66. Bowser: Inspired by the iconic villainous turtle-dragon in Mario.
  67. Lychee: A sweet and exotic fruit-inspired name.
  68. ♂️ Barbossa: After the pirate captain from the Pirates of the Caribbean.
  69. ♀️ Okami: Named after the wolf-like character in the video game.
  70. Mango: A fruity and tropical name for your dragon.
  71. Raiden: Inspired by the thunder god character in Mortal Kombat.
  72. ♀️ Aela: A strong and fierce name inspired by Skyrim.
  73. Guava: Another delightful exotic fruit-inspired name.
  74. Smauglock: A playful fusion of Smaug and Sherlock for a clever dragon.
  75. ♂️ Jack Sparrow: Perfect for a dragon with a pirate’s heart.
  76. Shiva: The Destroyer deity in Hinduism. Also, the ice queen in Final Fantasy.
  77. ♀️ Mai Tai: A fun and tropical cocktail-inspired name.
  78. Drakonov: A strong and mythical-sounding name.
  79. ♂️ Monkey D. Luffy: After the adventurous pirate from One Piece.
  80. Dragonfruit: A unique and exotic fruit-inspired name.
  81. ♂️ Bahamut: A dragon summon in the Final Fantasy series.
  82. Papaya: Another sweet and fruity option for your dragon.
  83. Gyarados: Inspired by the fierce Water/Flying-type Pokémon.
  84. ♂️ Blackbeard: For a dragon with a dark and mysterious side.
  85. Kumquat: A tiny and zesty fruit-inspired name.
  86. Bowser Jr.: A playful nod to Bowser’s mischievous offspring.
  87. ♀️ Kitana: Named after the Mortal Kombat character.
  88. Lychee: A sweet and exotic fruit-inspired name.
  89. Mushu: Inspired by the comedic dragon in Disney’s Mulan.
  90. Dragonfruit: A unique and exotic fruit-inspired name.
  91. ♂️ Ragnorok: A name that signifies the end of all things, perfect for a powerful dragon.
  92. ♂️ Viper: A name that invokes the image of a deadly snake, fitting for a fearsome dragon.
  93. Onyx: Named after the dark and mysterious gemstone.
  94. Blaze: For a dragon that’s as fiery as its name.
  95. ♂️ Ravage: Signifying destruction and havoc, ideal for a fierce dragon.
  96. ♀️ Xenomorph: Inspired by the alien creatures from the Alien franchise.
  97. ♂️ Crimson: A name that represents both red color and a fierce spirit.
  98. Sauron: Named after the menacing antagonist from Lord of the Rings.
  99. ♂️ Titan: For a dragon that’s as mighty as the mythological titans.
  100. Scorpio: A name that brings to mind the dangerous and venomous scorpion.

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