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Uramastyx and Tomatoes

Can Uromastyx eat Tomatoes?

Uromastyx are herbivores and eat all kinds of vegetables, greens and fruits, including tomatoes. It is generally believed that tomatoes can be fed to uromatyx lizards from time to time, but this food should not be a constant in its diet because, if consumed in large quantities, it can lead to health complications. Tomatoes are rich in vitamins C, A, antioxidants and fiber, but they lack calcium, are very acidic… Read More »Can Uromastyx eat Tomatoes?

Uramastyx and Kale

Can Uromastyx eat Kale?

Kale is a healthy food for your uromastyx lizard. Unlike other dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, which are high in phosphorus and oxalates, kale has a calcium ratio of 2.4:1, which means it is higher in calcium and can be absorbed by your lizard. Also, unlike other types of lettuce that consist mostly of water, kale is very nutrient dense and also provides vitamin A, C, K, potassium,… Read More »Can Uromastyx eat Kale?

Uromastyx Eating

Uromastyx Food and Diet

Uromastyx are almost exclusively herbivores, and it is not necessary to feed them any insects or meat. Their vegetarian diet consists of leaves, flowers, legumes, grains, herbs and vegetables of all kinds. Pet uromastyx do not need much water because they absorb it directly from the veggies in their diet, so you do not need to provide a bowl with fresh water every day. Food for Uromastyx Because uromastyx lizads… Read More »Uromastyx Food and Diet

Blue Tongue Skink and Cucumber

Can blue-tongued skinks eat cucumbers?

  • Skink

Technically, blue-tongued skinks can eat cucumbers without any issues. There are however very few reasons you would want to feed your pet lizard cucumbers in the first place: they are very poorly nutritionally, as they mostly contain water and not much else. Cucumbers are then to be considered a refreshing treat that can help your blue tongue skink stay hydrated but should not be a staple in their diet, as… Read More »Can blue-tongued skinks eat cucumbers?

Tegu and Cucumber

Can Tegus Eat Cucumbers?

  • Tegu

Yes, tegus can safely consume cucumber. These green vegetables are around 96% water with a little fiber, so they are not the most highly nutritious food out there for your lizard, but they are perfectly safe to eat. Still, there are a lot of better options out there for your tegu and it is important to offer a varied diet that includes different types of fruits and vegetables as well… Read More »Can Tegus Eat Cucumbers?

Bearded dragon vs chocolate

Can lizards eat chocolate?

  • Lizards

Different types of lizards like iguanas, skinks, bearded dragons and tegus can eat a variety of “human” food that ranges from vegetables to fruits and in some cases even eggs, fish, and meat products. When it comes to heavily processed foods, which include chocolate, it is best to think twice before feeding them to your pet. The general consensus it that chocolate is not safe for consumption by lizards or… Read More »Can lizards eat chocolate?

Iguana and water melon

Can iguanas eat watermelon?

  • Iguana

Iguanas regularly feed on fruits and it is generally considered okay to feed them watermelon, although other types of melon (e.g. cantaloupe) may be a healthier choice. This is because water melons – as the name suggests – are mostly made of water and do not contain many nutrients. Due to the lower amounts of calories and sugar, watermelon makes for a great fruit choice if your pet needs to… Read More »Can iguanas eat watermelon?

Blue-tongued skink vs Watermelon

Can blue-tongued skinks eat watermelon?

  • Skink

Blue-tongue skinks are omnivores and can feed on fruits such watermelon, melon and cantaloupe. It is important to offer watermelon cut in small pieces and de-seeded, but other than that, there are no serious health concerns of feeding melons to skinks. That said, water melon should only be fed in moderation and in small amounts. This is because it is not very nutritious and has a high water content. Eating… Read More »Can blue-tongued skinks eat watermelon?

Tegu (left) and monitor lizard (right)

Tegu vs Monitor Lizard: which one is right for you?

Monitor lizards and tegu lizards are an example of two families of big lizards which evolved from a same ancestor, but are actually quite different from one another. They can both make excellent pets under the right care and conditions, but there are considerable differences in personality and husbandry requirements you should be aware of. Differences Between Monitor and Tegu Lizards Tegu Lizards Monitor Lizards Generally larger in size (3.5-5… Read More »Tegu vs Monitor Lizard: which one is right for you?

Can Savannah monitors eat eggs?

Can Savannah monitors eat eggs?

Savannah monitors can eat eggs. Chicken and quail eggs, whether raw, cooked, with, or without shells, are all safe for Savannah monitors to consume. In the wild, monitor lizards regurarly prey on bird eggs and have also been observed feeding on eggs laid by other lizards and reptiles. Because eggs are a great source of protein and their shells primarily made of calcium, it is better to feed them whole.… Read More »Can Savannah monitors eat eggs?