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Melhores Plantas para Recinto Tegu

Tegus can be destructive, so finding suitable plants for their enclosures can be a challenge.

Most plants will not survive their curiosity, but there are some low-light, sturdy, indoor plants that can work.

When setting up live plants in a tegu enclosure, there are several tips to follow to ensure that they do not get destroyed by an adult tegu.

Primeiramente, it’s important to choose plants that are sturdy and can withstand potential damage from the tegu.

Em segundo lugar, it’s crucial to ensure that the plants are not toxic to the tegu. Tegus are known to nibble on plants, and ingesting toxic plants can be harmful or even fatal to them.

Finalmente, it’s recommended to purchase established plants that are already rooted and have a sturdy base.

Tegus will burrow and attack anything in their enclosure, so young or fragile plants may not survive in their enclosure.

By choosing established plants, you can increase the chances of their survival and minimize the risk of damage to your enclosure.

Gabinete Tegu

Below are some of the best plants for a tegu enclosure that can also be used as natural decoration.

Boston Fern – Boston Ferns are known for their lush, green foliage and can add a pop of color to any enclosure.

They are low-light plants that thrive in high humidity, making them perfect for a tegu enclosure. These ferns require regular watering, and their fronds can grow up to 3 pés de comprimento.

Yucca – Yucca plants are well-suited for tegu enclosures because they are hardy and require little care.

These plants can grow up to 30 feet tall in their natural environment, but when kept in a pot, they typically grow to about 6-10 pés. Yucca plants prefer well-drained soil and should be watered sparingly.

They can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and light conditions, making them a versatile option for indoor enclosures.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, yucca plants also provide hiding spots for tegus and can help create a more naturalistic environment for them.

Peperomia – Peperomia plants are known for their small, waxy leaves and come in a range of colors and shapes.

These plants prefer low to medium light and require minimal watering.

Peperomia plants are small, reaching only 12 inches in height, making them an excellent choice for smaller tegu enclosures.

Spider Plant – Spider plants are popular for their long, narrow leaves that hang down, giving them a spider-like appearance.

These plants prefer bright, indirect light and can survive in low humidity environments.

Spider plants require regular watering and can grow up to 2 metros de altura.

Pothos – Pothos is a trailing vine that is popular for its ease of care and low maintenance.

It is a great option for a tegu enclosure because it can tolerate low light levels and does not require frequent watering. Pothos can grow up to 10 pés de comprimento, making it a great plant to add height and dimension to the enclosure. It prefers well-draining soil and can tolerate a wide range of temperatures. Pothos is also known for its air-purifying properties, making it a great addition to any indoor space.

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