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Skink lizards care guide and information: enclosure requirements, diet and feeding, health and more. How to keep and care for skinks as a pet – Blue-tongued skink, Blue-tailed skink, Fire skink, Monkey-tailed skink, Schneider’s Skink, etc.

Blue-tongued skink with grapes

Can Blue-tongued Skinks Eat Grapes?

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Blue-tongued skinks love sweet fruits, and grapes are generally safe for them to eat in small amounts. However, there are some things to keep in mind when feeding grapes to your skink, such as the oxalate content and sugar content.

Fire Skink

Fire Skink Care – Information, Enclosure, Diet & Health

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Fire skinks are carnivores and should be fed a diet of insects and small mammals. They require a terrarium with a heat lamp, UVB lamp, and loose substrate. Fire skinks are nocturnal lizards and should be housed in a dark enclosure.

Blue Tongue Skink Species

Blue-tongued Skink Species

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The blue-tongue skink is a unique animal originating from South-East Asia and Oceania, and characterized by its bright blue tongue which is used to scare potential predators away. Blue tongue lizards are increasingly popular as pets thanks to their intelligence and tame disposition. Known scientifically as “tiliqua”, blue-tongue skinks come in all different colors and shapes, and there are actually dozens of species and sub-species. Some can be kept as… Read More »Blue-tongued Skink Species

Blue Tongue Skink and Cucumber

Can blue-tongued skinks eat cucumbers?

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Technically, blue-tongued skinks can eat cucumbers without any issues. There are however very few reasons you would want to feed your pet lizard cucumbers in the first place: they are very poorly nutritionally, as they mostly contain water and not much else. Cucumbers are then to be considered a refreshing treat that can help your blue tongue skink stay hydrated but should not be a staple in their diet, as… Read More »Can blue-tongued skinks eat cucumbers?

Blue-tongued skink vs Watermelon

Can Blue-tongued Skinks Eat Watermelon?

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Blue-tongue skinks are omnivores and can feed on fruits such watermelon, melon and cantaloupe. It is important to offer watermelon cut in small pieces and de-seeded, but other than that, there are no serious health concerns of feeding melons to skinks. That said, water melon should only be fed in moderation and in small amounts. This is because it is not very nutritious and has a high water content. Eating… Read More »Can Blue-tongued Skinks Eat Watermelon?

Can blue tongue skinks eat tomatoes?

Can blue tongue skinks eat tomatoes?

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Blue-tongued skinks can eat tomatoes, but they should be fed sporadically. Tomatoes contain vitamin C, A, antioxidants and fiber, so they are not poor in nutrients. Despite their health benefits, tomatoes are very acidic and somewhat high in oxalates, so they can cause problems in large quantities. Things to consider Some things to keep in mind when feeding tomatoes to your blue-tongued lizard: Better alternatives When considering alternative food options… Read More »Can blue tongue skinks eat tomatoes?