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Skink lizards care guide and information: enclosure requirements, diet and feeding, health and more. How to keep and care for skinks as a pet – Blue-tongued skink, Blue-tailed skink, Fire skink, Monkey-tailed skink, Schneider’s Skink, etc.

Pet lizard basking under heat lamp

Pet lizard supplies & Checklist

One of the most crucial things you can do to properly care for a lizard is to set up an enclosure or terrarium which provides all the things it needs. A less than ideal habitat may result in serious health problems, stress and general unhappiness of your new pet. What exact supplies and equipment you will need largely depends on the species you are caring for, but most lizards actually… Read More »Pet lizard supplies & Checklist

Can lizards love?

Do lizards have feelings?

Reptiles are generally known for being somewhat apathetic and not particularly cuddly as pets, but many of them do in fact feel emotions. Reptile owners know that their snakes and lizards react differently when they are around, and some of the more intelligent species like bearded dragons, tegus and monitor lizards, are even considered to be capable of “affection”. Can lizards love  Love is an already ill-defined concept when it… Read More »Do lizards have feelings?

Blue Tongued Skink

Blue-tongued Skink Information & Care – Enclosure, Diet and Health Requirements

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Blue-tongued skinks are native to Australasia and are named for their bright blue tongues. They are becoming increasingly popular as pets due to their hardiness and docile nature. This article provides information on their behavior, habitat, and care requirements, including enclosure size, temperature and heating, lighting, humidity, and diet.