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Övervaka ödla

Skötselguide och information om ödlor: krav på inneslutning, kost och utfodring, hälsa och mer. Hur man håller och sköter monitorer som husdjur – Ackie monitor, Savannah monitor, Asiatisk vattendrake, etc.

Legality of Monitor Lizards in New York

Can You Own a Monitor Lizard in New York State?

New York State has specific laws governing the ownership of exotic animals including large reptiles like Monitor lizards. These laws allow, restrict, or prohibit the ownership of certain species of animals. The Department of Conservation (DEC) regulates most exotic animals. Many species of monitor lizards are illegal to own as pets in New York, particurarly those that are very large in size. Restricted Species Citing regulations from the aformentioned Department of… Läs mer »Can You Own a Monitor Lizard in New York State?

Are There Komodo Dragons in California?

Are There Komodo Dragons in California?

Kalifornien, famous for its diverse wildlife, is home to all sorts of animals, from grizzly bears to desert tortoises. But one critter you won’t stumble upon in the wild here is the Komodo dragon. These guys are the biggest lizards globally and hail from Indonesia, a pretty far-off place from the U.S. They mostly hang out on islands like Komodo and Flores and aren’t found anywhere in the Americas. Even… Läs mer »Are There Komodo Dragons in California?

Quince Monitor / Yellow Monitor

Quince Monitor Care Sheet

The Quince Monitor aka Yellow Monitor (Varanus melinus), is a medium-sized species of monitor lizard native to Southeast Asia. Known for their vibrant coloration and active behavior, they are a popular choice among reptile enthusiasts. I det vilda, Quince Monitors inhabit the tropical rainforests and swamps of countries like Thailand, Malaysia, och Indonesien. They are semi-aquatic creatures and are often found near bodies of water. Quince Monitor Info Physical Characteristics… Läs mer »Quince Monitor Care Sheet

Smaller species of Monitor lizards are allowed in British Columbia, but not in Toronto

Are Monitor Lizards Legal in Canada?

Depending on where you are located, you may or may not be able to keep a Monitor lizard as a pet in Canada. British Columbia allows the possession of most Monitor lizards which are commonly found in the pet trade, with some exceptions. Some of the most popular pet Monitor lizards, such as Ackie Monitors (Varanus acanthurus), Savannah monitorer (Varanus exanthematicus), and Timor Monitors (Varanus timorensis) are generally allowed. This… Läs mer »Are Monitor Lizards Legal in Canada?