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Ackie Monitor

Ackie Monitor Lizard

Ackie Monitors Food & Diet Guide

In their natural habitat, ackie monitors (Varanus acanthurus) are opportunistic feeders and exhibit a varied diet. These small to medium-sized lizards are native to the arid regions of Australia, where they inhabit scrublands and rocky deserts. Ackie monitors primarily consume invertebrates, such as grasshoppers, beetles, cockroaches, spiders, isopods, caterpillars, cicadas, snails, stick insects, centipedes, crickets, and ticks. As skilled hunters, they actively seek out prey and consume whatever they can… Read More »Ackie Monitors Food & Diet Guide

Asian Monitor Lizard

Monitor Lizard Care Tips

Caring for a monitor lizard is no easy feat as these animals require daily attention and specific environmental conditions in order to thrive and be happy. If you own a Savannah monitor or any big lizard, you need to make sure that they have daily access to food, water and entertainment, that their environment is clean and has adequate sources of light and heat, and to carry out health checks… Read More »Monitor Lizard Care Tips

Monitor Lizard Taking a Bath

Big Lizard Enrichment: How to entertain your Monitor Lizard

Monitor lizards, on par with tegus, are amongst the most highly intelligent reptiles out there. If you are keeping a big lizard as a pet, you will be amazed by their inquisitive nature, memory and awareness. As smart creatures, though, they tend to get bored easily and it is important for you as a caregiver to provide enough stimuli to keep them intellectually stimulated. This is called “enrichment”, and can… Read More »Big Lizard Enrichment: How to entertain your Monitor Lizard

Monitor Lizard as Pet

Can you keep a monitor lizard as a pet?

Monitor lizards are becoming increasingly common as pets and they can make for a great reptile companion under the right circumstances. These creatures are highly intelligent, quite interactive, and can be tamed and even trained. Keeping a monitor lizard is however a huge commitment, both in terms of time and costs, and caring for large, exotic wild animals is definitely not for everyone. Monitor Lizard Pets Many species of monitor… Read More »Can you keep a monitor lizard as a pet?