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Argentine Tegu

Tegus are now illegal to own in Georgia

Some Tegu and Monitor lizard species are no longer allowed as Pets in Georgia

On Tuesday October 22nd the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Board voted to restrict future ownership of exotic reptiles in response to the increasing number of invasive species threatening the native ecosystem. The ban was made specifically to tackle the problem of two invasive species of reptiles, Burmese pythons and Argentine Black and White tegu lizards, who are imported from South America and are often released or escape into the… Read More »Some Tegu and Monitor lizard species are no longer allowed as Pets in Georgia

Juvenile Argentine black and white tegu

Baby tegu care: Information, Enclosure & Diet Requirements

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Thinking of adopting a baby tegu? These lizards grow rather quickly and dramatically, with an adult male Argentine tegu reaching the size of a small dog (around 5 feet). In the first two years of their life, however, juvenile tegus are tiny and vulnerable, and they require additional care in order to stay healthy and thrive. If you have just adopted a tegu hatchling you are going to need to… Read More »Baby tegu care: Information, Enclosure & Diet Requirements

Northern Caiman Lizard (Dracaena guianensis) at the Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, IL

Do tegus like water?

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There are different species of tegu lizards, some of which enjoy water more than others. The three species of tegu commonly kept as pets (salvator merianae, salvator rufescens and tupinambis teguixin) are terrestrial and prefer living on the ground. They are however highly adaptive to different kinds of environments, from rainforest to semi-deserts, and some individuals may enjoy bathing, whereas others do not. Another species known as the Caiman lizard… Read More »Do tegus like water?

Are tegus dangerous?

Are tegu lizards dangerous?

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Tegus are some of the largest lizards out there, yet they are relatively harmless to humans. Tegu attacks are rare but getting bitten by a tegu can be a very painful experience that requires medical attention. Regardless, tegus that are raised in captivity develop a tame disposition and rarely show signs of aggression. Despite being harmless to humans, wild tegu lizards pose a threat to other species especially in the… Read More »Are tegu lizards dangerous?

Colombian tegu vs Red tegu vs Argentine tegu

Friendly tegu species for beginners

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Tegu lizards are notoriously docile and somewhat beginner-friendly reptiles to keep as pets (at least compared to other big lizards like monitors). There are however a few different species and morphs which may require more time and attention. As a rule of thumb, the salvator merianae (a.k.a. Argentine tegu) is the best choice for first timers and also the most common overall. The Colombian tegu (or Gold tegu) on the… Read More »Friendly tegu species for beginners

Toys for tegu lizards

Toys for tegu: how to entertain your pet lizard

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Tegus are highly intelligent creatures and as such, they need constant stimuli. Without sources of entertainment, tegus will get bored and unhappy, they will start showing signs of stress and could potentially even become aggressive, destroying everything in sight. Luckily, there are many ways to entertain your tegu, first of all by providing enough space for them to wander around inside their enclosure, and outside as well. When feeding, you… Read More »Toys for tegu: how to entertain your pet lizard

Tegu Morph

Argentine Tegu Morph & Hybrid List

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There are over 400 species of tegu lizards out there, but only a few are kept in captivity: the Argentine black and white tegu (salvator merianae), the Red tegu (Salvator rufescens), and the Colombian golden tegu (salvator teguixin). Despite their names, none of these species are limited to one color, and breeders have fun experimenting with genetic combinations in order to create rare, unique morphs. Below, a list of all… Read More »Argentine Tegu Morph & Hybrid List

Tegu Lizard - The best pet reptile

5 Reasons Tegus are the Best Pet Lizard

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The Argentine black and white tegu has been often recognized for being the best pet lizard out there, thanks to its mild temperament, high intelligence and dog-like qualities. As far as reptiles go, tegus really are just big scaly puppies! It is hard to find any other reptile with the ability to bond with their owner the way a tegu does, even going as far as showing unmistakeable signs of… Read More »5 Reasons Tegus are the Best Pet Lizard

Argentine Black and White Tegu

Names for Tegu Lizard

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Are you adopting a tegu lizard and looking for ideas on how to name your new pet? Have a look below for some inspiration, with our list of names suitable for black and white, red, blue and golden tegu of any gender. We selected a few names inspired by lizards, dragons, pop culture and mythology, or which we simply found to be especially suited or funny for a pet tegu.… Read More »Names for Tegu Lizard

Female Tegu vs Male Tegu

Male or female? Sexing a tegu lizard

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Adult male and female tegus are visibly different from each other, but determining the gender of a hatchling or baby tegu can be especially difficult as it takes a couple of years for these differences to emerge. It is not uncommon for a seller to misgender a baby tegu only for the new pet owner to realize they ended up with a boy named Princess or a girl named Buddy.… Read More »Male or female? Sexing a tegu lizard