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Colombian tegu vs Red tegu vs Argentine tegu

Friendly tegu species & morphs for beginners

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Tegu lizards are notoriously docile and somewhat beginner-friendly reptiles to keep as pets (at least compared to other big lizards like monitors). There are however a few different species and morphs which may require more time and attention. As a rule of thumb, the salvator merianae (a.k.a. Argentine tegu) is the best choice for first timers and also the most common overall. The Colombian tegu (or Gold tegu) on the… Read More »Friendly tegu species & morphs for beginners

Tegu Morph

Argentine Tegu Morph & Hybrid List

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Explore the incredible diversity of tegu lizards through their rare and unique morphs and hybrids, and learn about the genetic combinations that make them so fascinating to breeders and collectors alike.

Tegu Care Sheet

Tegu Lizard Care – Information, Enclosure, Diet & Health

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Tegus are large, intelligent lizards that have gained popularity as exotic pets in recent years. Native to South America, these reptiles are known for their docile personalities, impressive size, and striking appearance. However, owning a tegu requires a significant commitment of time, space, and resources.