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Chacoan Tegu

Colombian tegu vs Red tegu vs Argentine tegu

Friendly tegu species for beginners

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Tegu lizards are notoriously docile and somewhat beginner-friendly reptiles to keep as pets (at least compared to other big lizards like monitors). There are however a few different species and morphs which may require more time and attention. As a rule of thumb, the salvator merianae (a.k.a. Argentine tegu) is the best choice for first timers and also the most common overall. The Colombian tegu (or Gold tegu) on the… Read More »Friendly tegu species for beginners

Chacoan White Headed Tegu or Paraguayan Tegu.

Chacoan White Headed Tegu: Information & Care

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The Chacoan White Headed tegu, also known as Paraguayan Tegu or simply Chacoan Tegu, is a morph of tegu lizard characterized by a higher degree of white coloration as adults, especially around their head. It is originally from Paraguay, but which can also be found in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Uruguay. It is very similar in appearance to the Argentine black an white tegu of the same species, although they… Read More »Chacoan White Headed Tegu: Information & Care