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Iguana Diet

What foods can iguanas eat and which should they avoid? Diet requirements and feeding information for iguanas.

Iguana and water melon

Can iguanas eat watermelon?

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While watermelon is safe for iguanas, it has limited nutritional value due to its high water content. It can be given as a diet-friendly option or as a periodic treat. Ensure to remove seeds and offer a diverse range of fruits and vegetables for a well-rounded diet.

Iguana Food and Diet

Iguana Food & Dietary Requirements

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Iguanas are strictly herbiroves, which means they consume exclusively plant material. In the wild, green iguanas feed on leaves, flowers, and some fruits. They do not eat insect or any other type of animal protein. A balanced diet of greens, vegetables, fruits, and other items can help to guarantee that your pet iguana is content and healthy. Make sure to provide your pet a wide choice of foods. This ensures… Read More »Iguana Food & Dietary Requirements

Can iguanas eat avocado?

Can Iguanas Eat Avocado? Toxicity, Nutrition and Health Concerns

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Avocado should never be given to iguanas due to its harmful substance called persin, which can cause illness and even death. Moreover, avocados are high in oxalic acid, which can lead to the development of kidney stones and metabolic bone disease. Instead, consider feeding your iguana leafy greens and vegetables as a primary diet, and supplementing with fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and mangoes in moderation.

Can iguanas eat spinach?

Can iguanas eat spinach?

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Spinach is a controversial topic when it comes to lizards in general and iguanas specifically. Generally speaking, spinach is considered healthy, but unfortunately it can be harmful for reptiles in large amounts. Because of this, you should only feed it to your iguana in small amounts, or avoid it altogether to be on the safe side. Despite being a dark leafy green packed with nutrition, spinach has an extremely high… Read More »Can iguanas eat spinach?

Can iguanas eat tomatoes?

Can Iguanas Eat Tomatoes?

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Iguanas can eat tomatoes, but in moderation. Tomatoes are high in acid, so too much can upset their stomachs. It’s also important to remove the seeds before feeding them, as they can be a choking hazard.

Can iguanas eat cucumbers?

Can Iguanas Eat Cucumber?

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Iguanas can eat cucumbers, but they are not very nutritious and should be fed in moderation. They are mostly water and low in fiber. It’s important to provide a varied diet with nutrient-rich greens and vegetables for your iguana’s health.