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Lizard Care

Lizard climbing on a wooden log

How to Sterilize Logs for Your Reptile Enclosure

Reptile owners need to learn how to sterilize logs to avoid the risk of harmful pathogens to their pets. From baking to bleaching, discover different sterilization methods for making logs safe for your pet reptiles.

Bearded dragon vs chocolate

Can lizards eat chocolate?

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Lizards such as iguanas and bearded dragons can eat human food, but not chocolate. Chocolate contains theobromine, a chemical that is toxic to animals, especially those with slow metabolisms like reptiles. Although some lizards may enjoy chocolate, it is not worth the risk as it can lead to health complications and even death.

Pet lizard basking under heat lamp

Pet lizard supplies & Checklist

One of the most crucial things you can do to properly care for a lizard is to set up an enclosure or terrarium which provides all the things it needs. A less than ideal habitat may result in serious health problems, stress and general unhappiness of your new pet. What exact supplies and equipment you will need largely depends on the species you are caring for, but most lizards actually… Read More »Pet lizard supplies & Checklist