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Monitor Lizard Care

Can a monitor eat your cat or dog?

Can you keep monitor lizards with cats and dogs?

Monitor lizards are becoming increasingly common as house pets. After all, there are some species which are relatively docile, smart, fun to keep around, and not dangerous to humans. But if you have cats, dogs or other small animals in your house, then you may wonder if it’s safe to let them play together given how big a monitor can get in size. Can monitor lizards live with cats? Whether… Read More »Can you keep monitor lizards with cats and dogs?

Pet lizard basking under heat lamp

Pet lizard supplies & Checklist

One of the most crucial things you can do to properly care for a lizard is to set up an enclosure or terrarium which provides all the things it needs. A less than ideal habitat may result in serious health problems, stress and general unhappiness of your new pet. What exact supplies and equipment you will need largely depends on the species you are caring for, but most lizards actually… Read More »Pet lizard supplies & Checklist

Asian Monitor Lizard

Monitor Lizard Care Tips

Caring for a monitor lizard is no easy feat as these animals require daily attention and specific environmental conditions in order to thrive and be happy. If you own a Savannah monitor or any big lizard, you need to make sure that they have daily access to food, water and entertainment, that their environment is clean and has adequate sources of light and heat, and to carry out health checks… Read More »Monitor Lizard Care Tips