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Tegu Facts

Lizard with strongest bite

What Lizard Has The Strongest Bite Force?

In the realm of reptiles, the Tegu lizard stands out for its formidable bite force, relying on physical strength for hunting. On the other hand, Komodo dragons, with their venomous bite and substantial size, are known for taking down prey much larger than themselves.

Argentine black and white tegu

The Argentine Tegu: An Uninvited Guest in Florida

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Argentine black and white tegus, native to South America, have become an invasive species in Florida due to the pet trade. Efforts are underway to control their rapidly growing population and protect native wildlife.

Walking a pet tegu outside in Florida

Legality of Keeping a Tegu in Florida in 2024

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Florida has banned Tegu lizards due to their invasive nature and threat to local ecosystems. The pet trade industry and Tegu owners face significant changes due to these new regulations.

Black and White Tegu (Salvator Merianae)

Can you own a tegu in Australia?

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Unfortunately, you cannot legally own a tegu in Australia. The Australian government has strict laws regarding the importation and ownership of exotic animals, and tegus are not native to Australia. As such, it is illegal to keep a tegu as a pet in Australia. The only way to legally own a tegu in Australia is to have a permit from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP). However,… Read More »Can you own a tegu in Australia?

Largest Pet Lizards

The Largest Species of Lizards You Can Keep as Pets

Lizards are popular pets for many people, and there are many different species to choose from, from common house geckos to bearded dragons, which can make for exotic yet trusty companions. But while most species of reptiles are rather small in size, there are lizards out there as big as cats and dogs – or even bigger. And yes, some of them you can own. The largest species of lizard… Read More »The Largest Species of Lizards You Can Keep as Pets

Tegus are now illegal to own in Georgia

Some Tegu and Monitor lizard species are no longer allowed as Pets in Georgia

On Tuesday October 22nd the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Board voted to restrict future ownership of exotic reptiles in response to the increasing number of invasive species threatening the native ecosystem. The ban was made specifically to tackle the problem of two invasive species of reptiles, Burmese pythons and Argentine Black and White tegu lizards, who are imported from South America and are often released or escape into the… Read More »Some Tegu and Monitor lizard species are no longer allowed as Pets in Georgia

Tegu Cuddles!

Are tegus cuddly?

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Reptiles are not known to be particularly affectionate as pets, and the same goes for most species of big lizards Tegus may however be the exception, as they are widely known and appreciated for their almost dog-like behavior, some tegus even appear to enjoy “cuddling” with their owners. Tegu cuddles MacGyver the Lizard is probably the most famous pet lizard celebrity, and living proof that Red tegus can be cuddly.… Read More »Are tegus cuddly?

Tegu Lizards

6 Interesting Facts About Tegu Lizards

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Tegu lizards are curious animals originally from South America which are essentially dog-sized lizards with tongues like those of a snake. Tegus have been introduced to other parts of the world via the exotic pet trade, because they are somewhat docile in captivity and can even become somewhat affectionate under the right circumstances. Yet, not many people know much about them. Below, five curious facts you may not know about… Read More »6 Interesting Facts About Tegu Lizards

Keeping an Argentine Tegu as a Pet in the US

Can you own a tegu in your state?

Laws regarding possession of exotic animals in the US are different for every state and can change from one day to another. Owning a tegu lizard in Florida was legal up until 2021 but the animals are now banned from the pet trade and all breeding must cease by 2024. Always double check the legality of owning a tegu or exotic animal with your state’s law officials before adopting your… Read More »Can you own a tegu in your state?

Baby tegus are good climbers, adults become territorial.

Do tegus climb?

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Tegu climbing behavior changes drastically with age. All tegus are generally born arboreal (i.e. they climb and live on trees to escape predators) but move to the ground as they grow larger in size. Adult tegus are terrestrial, not arboreal, and burrowing animals that prefer to spend time on land and do not generally like climbing. That said, they are able to, if they want. Climbing behavior in tegu species… Read More »Do tegus climb?