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Tegu Lizard

Baby Black and White Tegu Handling

Tegu Handling Tips, Taming Techniques and What to Avoid

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Tegu lizards are intelligent and social animals that can make great pets. However, they are not naturally inclined to trust humans, and it is important to tame and handle them correctly to build trust and ensure a positive experience

Tegu Enclosure / Terrarium

How to Choose the Best Enclosure for Your Pet Tegu

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Tegu lizards are large reptiles that need a spacious enclosure. Choose an enclosure that is at least 8x4x4 feet and has a secure lid, adequate ventilation, and a temperature and humidity gradient.

a lizard on brown sand

Choosing the Best Substrate for Your Tegu

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Tegus are large, ground-dwelling lizards that love to dig and burrow. When choosing a substrate for your tegu’s enclosure, it is important to consider their needs and preferences. Tegus love to dig and burrow, so you should provide a varied substrate that will allow them to do so. A good substrate option is a mixture of newspaper or butcher paper as a base, with large sections of topsoil, cypress mulch… Read More »Choosing the Best Substrate for Your Tegu

Adult Black & White Argentine Tegu Lizard

Guberty A.K.A Tegu Puberty: The “Terrible Twos”

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During guberty, your Tegu may go from sweet to sassy. Brace yourself for moody behavior and remember, it’s just a phase. With patience and enrichment, navigate through this challenging but temporary stage of their development. Embrace the journey and watch your rebellious companion mature into a cherished adult.

Tegu enclosure

Best Plants for Tegu Enclosure

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Learn about the best plants for tegu enclosures and tips for setting them up to ensure their survival. Avoid toxic plants and choose sturdy, established plants to minimize the risk of damage to your enclosure.