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Are tegus cuddly?

Reptiles are not known to be particularly affectionate as pets, and the same goes for most species of big lizards

Tegus may however be the exception, as they are widely known and appreciated for their almost dog-like behavior, some tegus even appear to enjoy “cuddling” with their owners.

Tegu cuddles
Tegus can be affectionate pets under the right conditions.

Tegu cuddles

MacGyver the Lizard is probably the most famous pet lizard celebrity, and living proof that Red tegus can be cuddly. MacGyver’s social media is filled with videos of this adorable animal sharing hugs, kisses and cuddles with its human parents. Unlike other pet reptiles who simply see their owners as a source of food, this giant lizard really seems to enjoy human company and actively seek attention.

World’s Most Cuddly Lizard. Source: MacGyver the Lizard

Winston the Argentine black and white tegu makes for another great example of just how affectionate these animals can be under the right conditions. Winston was found in a box in front of a zoo in Michigan after being abandoned by a previous owner who did not know how to properly care for his needs. He was rescued by the zookeepers who took care of him for five years, and ultimately adopted by a new loving family in 2015. Since then, he has been spoiled with the best food, cuddled daily, and even walks on a leash.

Cuddly tegu. Source: Winston The Argentine Tegu

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