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Tegu lizard care guide and information: enclosure requirements, diet and feeding, health facts and more. How to keep and care for tegu as a pet – Argentine black and white tegus, Red tegus, Colombian golden tegus, etc.

Tegu sleeping

Tegu brumation: signs, temperature, duration

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Brumation is the reptile equivalent of hibernation, that is, that period of time during which an animal slows its own metabolism and ceases almost all activity in order to conserve energy and survive winter. In the wild, tegus will retreat to a safe space to hide when days start to get shorter in autumn and stay there for 6-7 months until spring arrives. During this period of brumation a tegu… Read More »Tegu brumation: signs, temperature, duration

Tegu breeding

Tegu Breeding, Egg Incubation & Hatching

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Breeding in tegus requires both an adult female and male. Tegus reach sexual maturity at around age 2, the start of so-called “guberty” (tegu puberty), and females need to undergo one or two cycles of brumation in winter in order for their bodies to become able to accommodate eggs. Most tegu species can breed up to twice a year. Tegu breeding season generally occurs right after the end of this… Read More »Tegu Breeding, Egg Incubation & Hatching

Tegu on a leash

Tegu Harness and Leash

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Tegu owners who wish to take their pets out for a walk safely need to make sure they are properly secured with a harness and kept on a leash at all times. Tegus are not particularly easy to walk on a leash, and they will most likely rather be walking you in whichever direction they feel like going, but they will still enjoy their time out in the sun. Unfortunately,… Read More »Tegu Harness and Leash

Tegu enclosure

Tegu Enclosure Requirements & Caging Setup

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The most important thing to worry about when caring for a tegu lizard is to make sure it’s housed in an adequate environment. Tegus have specific requirements when it comes to enclosure size, lighting and heating, substrate and humidity; you will need to ensure that you provide your pet with all it needs in order to thrive and be happy. Enclosure Size Tegus are very large reptiles that require a… Read More »Tegu Enclosure Requirements & Caging Setup

Tegu Cuddles!

Are tegus cuddly?

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Reptiles are not known to be particularly affectionate as pets, and the same goes for most species of big lizards Tegus may however be the exception, as they are widely known and appreciated for their almost dog-like behavior, some tegus even appear to enjoy “cuddling” with their owners. Tegu cuddles MacGyver the Lizard is probably the most famous pet lizard celebrity, and living proof that Red tegus can be cuddly.… Read More »Are tegus cuddly?

Can tegus eat spinach?

Can tegus eat spinach?

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Most tegu lizard owners prefer not to feed spinach to their pet. Tegus can eat spinach but it can be harmful in large amounts so you should keep consumption to a minimum or avoid feeding it altogether. Despite being a nutrition-packed dark leafy green, spinach has an extremely high content of oxalates which bind to calcium and prevent it from being properly absorbed. Calcium deficiency can lead to a variety… Read More »Can tegus eat spinach?

Tegu Lizards

5 Interesting Facts About Tegu Lizards

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Tegu lizards are curious animals originally from South America which are essentially dog-sized lizards with tongues like those of a snake. They have been introduced to other parts of the world via the exotic pet trade, because they are somewhat docile in captivity and can even become somewhat affectionate under the right circumstances. Yet, not many people know much about them. Below, five curious facts you may not know about… Read More »5 Interesting Facts About Tegu Lizards

Colombian Tegu / Gold Tegu

Gold Tegu: Information, Enclosure Requirements, Diet & Health Tips

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The Colombian tegu (tupinambis teguixin), also Gold tegu or Golden tegu, is a species of tegu lizard common in the pet trade, although it is not as easy to domisticate as the more popular Agentine tegu and Red tegu. This species is considered somewhat aggressive and not beginner-friendly, although it can still be tamed with a lot of patience and expertise. Compared to the other two aforementioned species, the gold… Read More »Gold Tegu: Information, Enclosure Requirements, Diet & Health Tips

Red tegu eating a banana

Red Tegu Care: Information, Enclosure Requirements, Diet & Health

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Red tegus belong to the species of salvator refuscens, which is quite popular in the pet trade and second only to the most common Argentine tegu (salvator merianae). True to their names, red tegus tend have a reddish skin which often looks almost like raw meat, and compared to black and white tegus they tend to get quite big in size. They are relatively easy to tame and make for… Read More »Red Tegu Care: Information, Enclosure Requirements, Diet & Health

Black and White Tegu (Salvator Merianae)

Can you own a tegu in your state?

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Laws regarding possession of exotic animals in the US are different for every state and can change from one day to another. Owning a tegu lizard in Florida was legal up until 2021 but the animals are now banned from the pet trade and all breeding must cease by 2024. Always double check the legality of owning a tegu or exotic animal with your state’s law officials before adopting your… Read More »Can you own a tegu in your state?