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Tegu lizard care guide and information: enclosure requirements, diet and feeding, health facts and more. How to keep and care for tegu as a pet – Argentine black and white tegus, Red tegus, Colombian golden tegus, etc.

Largest Pet Lizards

Largest Species of Lizards You Can Keep as Pets

The largest species of lizard is the Komodo dragon, which cannot be kept as a pet (for obvious reasons, like the fact that they can eat you), but fortunately, you can still welcome some rather large reptiles into your home. As a matter of fact, some of the world’s largest lizards actually make great pets. Many species of Monitor lizards around half the size of a Komodo dragon, as well… Read More »Largest Species of Lizards You Can Keep as Pets

Northern Caiman Lizard (Dracaena guianensis) at the Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, IL

Caiman Lizard Care – Information, Enclosure, Diet & Health

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Caring for caiman lizards involves providing a spacious enclosure with land and water areas, proper lighting, temperature, and humidity. They require a carnivorous diet and should be housed individually due to their territorial nature.

Adult Black & White Argentine Tegu Lizard

Guberty A.K.A Tegu Puberty: The “Terrible Twos”

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During guberty, your Tegu may go from sweet to sassy. Brace yourself for moody behavior and remember, it’s just a phase. With patience and enrichment, navigate through this challenging but temporary stage of their development. Embrace the journey and watch your rebellious companion mature into a cherished adult.

Tegu enclosure

Best Plants for Tegu Enclosure

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Learn about the best plants for tegu enclosures and tips for setting them up to ensure their survival. Avoid toxic plants and choose sturdy, established plants to minimize the risk of damage to your enclosure.

Tegus can eat most types of fish including tuna and salmon, but in moderation.

Best Fish for Tegu Lizards – What You Need to Know

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Tegus can eat most types of fish safely, but it’s important to choose the right varieties and prepare them properly. Some fish contain an enzyme that can lead to vitamin B1 deficiency and neurological damage if fed in excess. Recommended fish species include freshwater fish such as tilapia, cod, haddock, and salmon, but it’s crucial to source high-quality, fresh fish and feed in moderation.

Tegu Meal Prep: Mesh, Patties & Wrap Recipes

Tegu Meal Prep: Tegu Mesh & Patties Recipes

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Commercial Tegu food can be expensive and may not always have the best ingredients. One of the best ways to save money on tegu food is to prepare it yourself, and to use readily available, fresh, healthy ingredients that ensure a varied diet. Meal prepping your tegu’s food in advance can save you time and money in the long run. Not only will you be able to control the ingredients… Read More »Tegu Meal Prep: Tegu Mesh & Patties Recipes

Do tegus eat snakes and other lizards?

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Tegus are known to be opportunistic eaters, consuming a variety of prey items in the wild, including snakes and other small reptiles. So yes, tegus can eat snakes, lizards and reptiles – but these are not a primary food source in their diet. Tegus in the wild will primarily consume as small mammals, birds, insects, amphibians (frogs) and fruits. Can you feed lizards to a tegu? You can indeed feed… Read More »Do tegus eat snakes and other lizards?