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Tegu lizard care guide and information: enclosure requirements, diet and feeding, health facts and more. How to keep and care for tegu as a pet – Argentine black and white tegus, Red tegus, Colombian golden tegus, etc.

Target Training a Tegu Lizard

Target Training for Tegu Lizards

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Target training is a valuable technique for taming and training tegu lizards. It involves teaching the lizard to respond to a specific target, such as a brightly colored dowel rod or a clicker, and associating it with positive reinforcement.

Tegu lizard and coconut

Can Tegu Lizards Eat Coconut?

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Tegu lizards are omnivores that can thrive on a diverse diet, which includes minimal quantities of fruit. Unfortunately, unlike other fruits, coconut has very high amounts of fat and should not be given to them too frequently. Despite its high-fat content, coconut can supply vital nutrients when given sparingly and as part of a well-rounded diet. This page contains affiliate links. As Amazon associates we may earn a commission for… Read More »Can Tegu Lizards Eat Coconut?

Tegu with the flag of Florida

Are Tegus Legal in Florida?

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As of 2022, it is illegal to keep Tegu lizards a pet in Florida. Tegu have become an invasive species and there are strict restrictions on the transportation, owning, selling and breeding of these animals in the state.

Tegus in Canada

Are Tegus Legal in Canada?

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Good news for reptile enthusiasts in Canada: Tegu lizards are generally allowed pets. Unlike Monitor lizards which are banned in much of the country, Tegus are completely legal to own. This is because even though tegus are grow quite large as adults, they do not exceed the maximum size of 2 metres and unlike monitors, they are not venomous. All most common species of Tegus in the pet trade meet… Read More »Are Tegus Legal in Canada?

Tegu Lizard Care

Colombian Tegus / Gold Tegus for Sale

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The Gold Tegu, also known as the Golden Tegu or Colombian Tegu (Tupinambis teguixin), is a species of tegu lizard native to South America. They are known for their distinctive golden color and are highly sought after in the pet trade. Gold Tegus are available for sale through our affiliate partner Golden tegus are different from Argentine Black & White tegus (Salvator merianae) and from Red tegus (Tupinambis rufescens).… Read More »Colombian Tegus / Gold Tegus for Sale

Argentine black and white tegu

The Argentine Tegu: An Uninvited Guest in Florida

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Argentine black and white tegus, native to South America, have become an invasive species in Florida due to the pet trade. Efforts are underway to control their rapidly growing population and protect native wildlife.

Walking a pet tegu outside in Florida

Legality of Keeping a Tegu in Florida in 2024

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Florida has banned Tegu lizards due to their invasive nature and threat to local ecosystems. The pet trade industry and Tegu owners face significant changes due to these new regulations.

Sylvio the Red Tegu and his family

Family reunites with missing tegu lizard in Texas

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Sylvio, a 3.5-foot red tegu lizard, went missing from his home in Beaumont, Texas, without his family noticing. He was found wandering the streets by a reptile expert who fostered him until his owners claimed him.