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Tegu lizard care guide and information: enclosure requirements, diet and feeding, health facts and more. How to keep and care for tegu as a petArgentine black and white tegus, Red tegus, Colombian golden tegus, etc.

Тайёр кардани хӯроки Tegu: Mesh, Patties & Wrap Recipes

Тайёр кардани хӯроки Tegu: Тегу Меш & Рецепт пирожки

Хӯроки тиҷоратии Tegu метавонад қимат бошад ва на ҳама вақт компонентҳои беҳтарин дошта бошанд. Яке аз роҳҳои беҳтарини сарфа кардани пул дар ғизои тегу ин худатон тайёр кардани он мебошад, ва ба осонӣ дастрас истифода баред, тару тоза, компонентҳои солим, ки парҳези гуногунро таъмин мекунанд. Пешакӣ омода кардани хӯроки тегуи шумо метавонад дар муддати тӯлонӣ вақт ва пулро сарфа кунад. Not only will you be able to control the ingredients… Read More »Тайёр кардани хӯроки Tegu: Тегу Меш & Рецепт пирожки

Оё тегус мор ва дигар калтакалосҳоро мехӯрад?

Tegus are known to be opportunistic eaters, consuming a variety of prey items in the wild, including snakes and other small reptiles. So yes, tegus can eat snakes, lizards and reptilesbut these are not a primary food source in their diet. Tegus in the wild will primarily consume as small mammals, birds, insects, amphibians (frogs) and fruits. Can you feed lizards to a tegu? You can indeed feed… Read More »Оё тегус мор ва дигар калтакалосҳоро мехӯрад?

Tegus are intelligent creatures that can be tamed as pets and even house broken to some extent.

Тегу Таминг, Маслиҳатҳо оид ба коркард ва омӯзиши поттика

Taming a tegu can be a rewarding experience, as these intelligent lizards are known for forming strong bonds with their caregivers. However, it is important to approach taming with patience and understanding, as tegus can be skittish and may take time to adjust to new environments and people. Whether you have an Argentine black and white tegu, a Red tegu, or Colombian tegu, there are a few key strategies that… Read More »Тегу Таминг, Маслиҳатҳо оид ба коркард ва омӯзиши поттика

Foods for Tegu Lizards

Tegu Food List

Tegus are omnivorous reptiles that require a varied diet to stay healthy and happy. This diet should consist of approximately 70% протеин ва 30% plant material (for adult Argentine and Red tegus), or 90% протеин ва 10% greens (for Colombian tegus and baby tegus regardless of species). Fruit and some other foods should only be fed sporadically or as a treat, and some supplements like calcium are also recommended. Below,… Read More »Tegu Food List

Tegu lizard drinking water from a pet bowl.

Best Water & Food Bowls for Tegus

When it comes to finding the right water and food bowl for tegus, there are several factors to considernamely the age of your pet, material and size of the bowl. Regardless of which bowl you choose, it’s important to clean it regularly and ensure that your tegu has access to clean, fresh food and water every day. This page contains affiliate links. As Amazon associates we may earn… Read More »Best Water & Food Bowls for Tegus

Tegus are now illegal to own in Georgia

Some Tegu and Monitor lizard species are no longer allowed as Pets in Georgia

On Tuesday October 22nd the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Board voted to restrict future ownership of exotic reptiles in response to the increasing number of invasive species threatening the native ecosystem. The ban was made specifically to tackle the problem of two invasive species of reptiles, Burmese pythons and Argentine Black and White tegu lizards, who are imported from South America and are often released or escape into the… Read More »Some Tegu and Monitor lizard species are no longer allowed as Pets in Georgia

Uramastyx and Spinach

Can Uromastyx eat Spinach?

Spinach is one of the few foods that should be avoided in a uromastyx’s diet. Uromastyx lizards can technically eat spinach, but in large quantities this can be harmful, so it is best to keep consumption to a minimum or avoid it altogether. Despite being a nutrient-rich dark leafy vegetable, spinach has an extremely high content of oxalates, which bind to calcium and prevent its proper absorption. Calcium deficiency can… Read More »Can Uromastyx eat Spinach?

Tegu and Cucumber

Can Tegus Eat Cucumbers?

Yes, tegus can safely consume cucumber. These green vegetables are around 96% water with a little fiber, so they are not the most highly nutritious food out there for your lizard, but they are perfectly safe to eat. Still, there are a lot of better options out there for your tegu and it is important to offer a varied diet that includes different types of fruits and vegetables as well… Read More »Can Tegus Eat Cucumbers?

Як амал (left) and monitor lizard (right)

Tegu vs Monitor Lizard: which one is right for you?

Monitor lizards and tegu lizards are an example of two families of big lizards which evolved from a same ancestor, but are actually quite different from one another. They can both make excellent pets under the right care and conditions, but there are considerable differences in personality and husbandry requirements you should be aware of. Differences Between Monitor and Tegu Lizards Tegu Lizards Monitor Lizards Generally larger in size (3.5-5… Read More »Tegu vs Monitor Lizard: which one is right for you?

Tegu sleeping

Tegu brumation: signs, temperature, duration

Brumation is the reptile equivalent of hibernation, that is, that period of time during which an animal slows its own metabolism and ceases almost all activity in order to conserve energy and survive winter. In the wild, tegus will retreat to a safe space to hide when days start to get shorter in autumn and stay there for 6-7 months until spring arrives. During this period of brumation a tegu… Read More »Tegu brumation: signs, temperature, duration