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Tegu Morph

Tegu Morph

Argentine Action Morph & Listahan ng Hybrid

Explore the incredible diversity of tegu lizards through their rare and unique morphs and hybrids, and learn about the genetic combinations that make them so fascinating to breeders and collectors alike.

Chacoan White Headed Tegu o Paraguayan Tegu.

Chacoan White Headed Tegu: Impormasyon & Pag-aalaga

Ang Chacoan White Headed tegu, kilala rin bilang Paraguayan Tegu o simpleng Chacoan Tegu, is a morph of the Argentine black and white tegu lizard characterized by a higher degree of white coloration in adults, lalo na sa paligid ng kanilang ulo. This animal originates from the Chaco region of Paraguay, but it can also be found in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil at Uruguay. Chacoan tegus are very similar in appearance to the Argentine… Magbasa pa »Chacoan White Headed Tegu: Impormasyon & Pag-aalaga