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Crocodilians care guide and information: muhafaza gereksinimleri, diyet ve beslenme, sağlık ve daha fazlası. How to keep and care for crocodilians as a pet – alligators, crocodiles and gharials.

Kanada'da Timsahlar Var mı

Kanada'da Timsahlar Var mı?

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Timsahlar Crocodilia takımına ait büyük sürüngenlerdir., buna timsahlar da dahildir, Timsahlar, ve gharialler. Timsahların yerlisi yalnızca Çin'dir, Meksika, ve Amerika Birleşik Devletleri. Başka hiçbir ülkede bulunmuyorlar, Kanada dahil.

Alligators in Florida

Florida'da Timsahlar Var mı?

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Florida is home to one of the largest population of alligators in the world, with an estimated 1.3 million individuals. Alligators can be found in all 67 counties in Florida, and they can be found in a variety of habitats, including swamps, marshes, lakes, rivers, and even urban areas.

Alligators in Texas

Teksas'ta Timsahlar Var mı?

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Texas is home to the largest alligator population in the United States, with an estimated 500,000 individuals. Alligators can be found in a variety of freshwater habitats throughout the state, including swamps, marshes, rivers, and lakes. They are most common in the eastern and southeastern parts of the state, but they can also be found in central and western Texas.

Alligators in North Carolina

Kuzey Carolina'da Timsahlar Var mı?

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There are an estimated 1,000-1,500 alligators in North Carolina. Alligators are found in freshwater marshes, bataklıklar, and lakes along the coast of North Carolina, from Brunswick County to Gates County.

gözlüklü Kayman (Kayman timsahı)

Gözlüklü Kayman Bakımı – Bilgi, muhafaza, Diyet & Sağlık

Spectacled caimans are semi-aquatic reptiles that require a large enclosure with a basking spot and a deep pool of water. They are carnivores and should be fed a diet of fish, crustaceans, and small mammals. Spectacled caimans are not for most pet owners and should only be kept by experienced reptile keepers.