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Uromastyx en venta

The terms “Uromastyx” and “Spiny-tailed Lizard” refer to the same genus of lizards, known scientifically as Uromastyx.

This genus is native to Africa and Asia, specifically in regions such as the Sahara Desert, Sudan, Egypt, and Algeria.

The names come from the spiny rings on its tail, which is a characteristic feature of all Uromastyx species.

The Uromastyx uses its tail as a first line of defense against predators, swiping at them while hissing.

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Uromastyx egipcio

Uromastyx adornado
Uromastyx Níger AmarilloUromastyx Níger Amarillo

Uromastyx rojo
Uromastyx marroquí
Uromastyx marroquí