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How To (Legally) Adopt a Komodo Dragon

If you are looking for a Komodo dragon you can buy and keep as a pet, we have sad news for you.

Komodo Dragons are a protected species that is not available in the pet trade for a variety of reasons (including but not limited to: they can kill and eat humans).

It is not possible to legally purchase or own a Komodo dragon as a pet anywhere in the world.

How to Adopt a Komodo Dragon

The only way you can “adopt” a Komodo dragon is through a symbolic donation through the official WWF website.

There are available Komodo dragon adoption kits for $25, $50 and $75 that come with an adoption certificate, plushie, gift box and gift bag.

This is how you can adopt a Komodo dragon

Cool alternatives

Komodo dragons are the largest species of a class of animals known as Monitor lizards.

If you are looking for a large Komodo Dragon-like pet you can legally own, look into other species of Monitor lizards you can legally buy and keep as pets. We have Savannah monitors and Timor monitors available for sale via our partners.

If you’d rather settle for a smaller lizard that looks like a dragon, then there are actually some so-called dragon lizards you can buy. These includes bearded dragons and frilled dragons, which are available for sale through our partners.

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