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Monitor Lizard Facts

Are Monitor Lizards Friendly and Affectionate

Are Monitor Lizards Friendly and Affectionate as Pets?

Monitor lizards are a group of large reptiles that belong to the family Varanidae. They are native to Africa, Asia, and Australia, and they can grow over 3 meters in length. Some of the most popular species of monitor lizards kept as pets are the savannah monitor, the Nile monitor, the black-throat monitor, and the water monitor. Many people are fascinated by these animals and wonder if they can be… Read More »Are Monitor Lizards Friendly and Affectionate as Pets?

Largest Pet Lizards

The Largest Species of Lizards You Can Keep as Pets

Lizards are popular pets for many people, and there are many different species to choose from, from common house geckos to bearded dragons, which can make for exotic yet trusty companions. But while most species of reptiles are rather small in size, there are lizards out there as big as cats and dogs – or even bigger. And yes, some of them you can own. The largest species of lizard… Read More »The Largest Species of Lizards You Can Keep as Pets

Komodo Dragon and Human bones and skull

Can Komodo dragons eat humans?

Can Komodo dragons eat humans? While it is possible, it’s an extremely rare occurrence. Komodo dragons are apex predators that primarily eat carrion and larger prey like water buffalo and deer

Komodo Dragon with open mouth and hidden teeth

Komodo Dragon Bite, Teeth and Venom

Komodo dragons are deadly, venomous predators with sharp teeth and strong jaws, despite their relatively weak bite force. With 60 sharp teeth, they cut through the flesh of their prey and, if necessary, can regrow new teeth when one is lost or broken. Their venom can cause their victims to bleed out and die within a few hours, and in most cases, it’s what actually kills the prey.

Are Monitor Lizards Dangerous?

Are monitor lizards dangerous?

Monitor lizards, such as the Komodo dragon, can grow up to 10 feet in size and are dangerous carnivores, yet are commonly kept as house pets due to their relative docility with consistent handling. While they can be venomous, their bites are usually treatable with antibiotics and not fatal to humans. However, there has been at least one case of a man being killed by his pet monitors, which may have been due to an infection from a bite rather than an intentional attack.

Pet Komodo Dragon on a Leash. AI Generated.

Komodo Dragon As a Pet? Here’s What You Need To Know

The Komodo Dragon is one of the largest, scariest, and most magnificent reptiles out there. Unfortunately, they are a protected species and illegal to own. And in any case, you would not want to keep one as a pet. Komodo dragons are massive 10-feet long, 300-pound heavy beasts that would be incredibly difficult to feed and care for. Not to mention the fact that they have strong teeth and a… Read More »Komodo Dragon As a Pet? Here’s What You Need To Know

Can lizards love?

Do lizards have feelings?

Reptiles are generally known for being somewhat apathetic and not particularly cuddly as pets, but many of them do in fact feel emotions. Reptile owners know that their snakes and lizards react differently when they are around, and some of the more intelligent species like bearded dragons, tegus and monitor lizards, are even considered to be capable of “affection”. Can lizards love  Love is an already ill-defined concept when it… Read More »Do lizards have feelings?