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Can You Keep a Perentie as a Pet?

The Perentie is the largest monitor lizard in Australia, and one of the biggest in the world. It can reach up to 2.5 metres in length and weigh up to 20 kilograms.

Perentie Monitor Lizard
Perentie Monitor Lizard. Wikimedia Commons.

This giant lizard has a powerful bite that can inject venom, sharp claws that can tear flesh, and a muscular tail that can whip like a whip. It is also very smart and can solve puzzles and mazes.

Perenties eat small animals, birds, reptiles, and insects. They inhabit dry areas such as rocky deserts, hills, and gorges, where they can dig or climb to hide from enemies or heat.

Is it legal to keep perentie as a pet in Australia?

Perentie is a protected species in Australia and cannot be kept as a pet without a licence.

The licence requirements vary by state and territory, but generally involve proving that you have enough space, food, and care for the lizard.

You also need to show that you have a good reason to keep the lizard, such as education, research, or conservation.

You cannot keep the lizard for commercial purposes, such as breeding, selling, or displaying.

Safety Issues of Perentie as a Pet

Perentie is not a safe pet for most people, as it can cause serious harm or death to humans or other animals.

It is not likely to be friendly or tame, and may be very stressed or aggressive in captivity.

It can bite, scratch, or whip you or your other pets, and may carry diseases or parasites that can affect you or your livestock.

It can also escape from its enclosure and pose a threat to the native wildlife or environment. Perenties are best left alone, or seen in a zoo or wildlife park.

Care Requirements of Perentie as a Pet

If you have a licence to keep perentie as a pet, you need to provide a lot of things for the lizard.

You need a large and secure enclosure that mimics its natural habitat, with rocks, sand, plants, and hiding places.

You need a heating and lighting system that maintains the right temperature and light cycle for the lizard. You need a water source that is clean and fresh.

You need a varied diet that includes live or frozen prey, such as mice, rats, rabbits, chickens, quails, lizards, snakes, and insects.

You need a vet that can treat the lizard if it gets sick or injured. You need to monitor the lizard’s health and behaviour regularly, and report any changes or problems to the authorities .

Keeping perentie as a pet is not a simple or easy task. It is a huge responsibility and commitment that requires a lot of time, money, and knowledge.

Perentie is a wild animal that belongs to the landscape, and may not adapt well to captivity or domestication. Perentie is also a dangerous animal that can hurt you or your other pets, and may harm the wildlife or environment.

Perentie is not a pet for the faint-hearted or inexperienced, and should only be kept by licensed and responsible owners who can respect and care for this amazing creature.

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