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Are There Komodo Dragons in California?

California, famous for its diverse wildlife, is home to all sorts of animals, from grizzly bears to desert tortoises. But one critter you won’t stumble upon in the wild here is the Komodo dragon.

These guys are the biggest lizards globally and hail from Indonesia, a pretty far-off place from the U.S. They mostly hang out on islands like Komodo and Flores and aren’t found anywhere in the Americas.

There are no Komodo dragons in California, except at the zoo.

Even though you won’t find Komodo dragons roaming free in California, you can still check them out in a few zoos.

The San Diego Zoo, the San Francisco Zoo & Gardens, and the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens all have these cool dragons.

The zoos take good care of them, making sure they have a comfy home that mimics their natural digs and a diet that keeps them healthy.

Apart from being a safe haven for these impressive creatures, the zoos also teach people a lot about Komodo dragons. You can learn about how they act, what they eat, and where they come from.

Plus, the zoos highlight the need to protect these unique animals, making them kind of like Komodo dragon ambassadors.

In a nutshell, while you won’t spot any Komodo dragons on a stroll through California’s wild places, you can still get up close and personal with them in some of the state’s zoos.

These places don’t just showcase the dragons; they’re also big on spreading the word about how cool and important these lizards are.

Are there Komodo dragons in California?

Komodo dragons are not native to California, but they can be found in zoos such as the San Diego Zoo and the San Francisco Zoo.

Komodos are a protected species and illegal to own in California or anywhere else in the US.

Are there monitor lizards in California?

Monitor lizards are not native to California either. But unlike Komodo dragons, it is legal to own certain types of monitor lizards in the state.

These may resemble Komodo dragons in appearance but are much smaller in size.

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