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Family reunites with missing tegu lizard in Texas

A family in Beaumont, Texas, was overjoyed to get their giant pet lizard back after he had gone missing for an unknown period of time.

Sylvio, a nearly 4-year-old red tegu lizard, had a habit of hiding in a closet where his owners could not reach him, so they did not realize he had escaped from their home.

3.5 foot Red Tegu lizard found last week on a Beaumont street is now back home. 12NewsNow.

Sylvia Cooper, 31, said she was shocked when she found out that Sylvio had been found by a reptile dealer in Mauriceville, who had spotted him roaming the streets near her home.

The dealer had taken Sylvio in and cared for him until he could find his owners.

Cooper said she and her four children were very grateful to the people who had rescued and fostered Sylvio, who is now back at home and safe.

She said Sylvio is a friendly and gentle lizard who likes to cuddle and watch TV with them.

Sylvio the Red Tegu and his family
Sylvio the Red Tegu and his family

Tegu lizards are large, intelligent, and omnivorous reptiles that are native to South America.

They can grow up to 5 feet long and weigh up to 15 pounds. Some people keep them as pets, but they require a lot of space, care, and attention. 

Tegu lizards are awesome reptiles that can make rewarding pets for experienced and dedicated owners.

They are large, smart, and friendly animals that can bond with their human companions.

They have unique personalities and can even learn their names and some tricks.

5 Reasons Tegus are the Best Pet Lizard

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