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Tegu Enclosure

Tegu enclosure

Best Plants for Tegu Enclosure

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Learn about the best plants for tegu enclosures and tips for setting them up to ensure their survival. Avoid toxic plants and choose sturdy, established plants to minimize the risk of damage to your enclosure.

Tegu lizard drinking water from a pet bowl.

Best Water & Food Bowls for Tegus

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When it comes to finding the right water and food bowl for tegus, there are several factors to consider – namely the age of your pet, material and size of the bowl. Regardless of which bowl you choose, it’s important to clean it regularly and ensure that your tegu has access to clean, fresh food and water every day. This page contains affiliate links. As Amazon associates we may earn… Read More »Best Water & Food Bowls for Tegus

Can tegus live with other pets?

Can you keep tegu lizards with cats and dogs?

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You may have heard that as far as big lizards are concerned, tegus make the best pets. It’s true – they are docile, smart, fun to keep around, and not dangerous to humans. But if you have cats, dogs or other small animals in your house, then you may wonder if it’s okay to let them play together. Housing tegu with cats Tegu lizards are actually quite similar to cats… Read More »Can you keep tegu lizards with cats and dogs?