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Colombian Tegus / Gold Tegus for Sale

The Gold Tegu, also known as the Golden Tegu or Colombian Tegu (Tupinambis teguixin), is a species of tegu lizard native to South America.

They are known for their distinctive golden color and are highly sought after in the pet trade.

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Tegu Care Sheet

Golden tegus are different from Argentine Black & White tegus (Salvator merianae) and from Red tegus (Tupinambis rufescens).

Compared to other tegu species, the Colombian grow a bit smaller (2-3 feet on average) and are known to be a bit more difficult to tame, although with proper handling and a bit of patience, they can be just as docile as Argentine tegus.

They also differ in diet, as Colombian tegus are prevalently carnivores – you should feed them a diet consisting 90% of protein and 10% fruits and vegetables.

Golde tegus can grow quite big, although not as big as other tegu species. We recommend an enclosure that is at the very minimum 6x3x3, but the bigger the better.

Essential 8 Foot PVC & Aluminum Enclosure – 96 L x 48 W x 48 H

Essential 8 Foot PVC & Aluminum Enclosure – 96 L x 48 W x 72 H
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