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Can tegus eat grapes?

Tegu and grapes
Tegu vs Grapes

Tegu lizards are fond of sweet fruits and it is generally safe to feed them grapes and dates in limited amounts.

If you can, try to get your hands on some Thompson seedless grapes as these are the best variety for tegus.

If you can only find grapes with seeds then it is recommended that you cut each grape in half and get rid of the seeds yourself before serving it to your tegu, as indigestible seed consumption in large amounts may lead to impaction.


Like most sweet fruits, grapes contain small amounts of oxalates. Because of this, they should be fed in moderation as too much oxalate in your tegu’s diet may hinder calcium absorption and lead to health issues.

Too much sugary fruit can also lead to obesity, so it’s best to only feed grapes as a treat.

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